CEO Darius Fisher Rewarded for Company Growth, Driven by Dedicated Leadership

Darius Fisher, Chief Executive Officer and President of Status Labs continues to strive for excellence in building one of the top international online reputation management, digital marketing and public relations agencies in the U.S. Since the agency was founded, growth has exceeded expectations in generating revenue and the development of new services. PR World Awards, a SVUS Awards Program honored Darius Fisher and named him Business Development Individual of the Year for his accomplishments as an inspired and dedicated leader. The whole Status Labs Team is credited for the constant growth of the company, with an 939 percent increase in revenue by the end of 2015.


The 2016 Annual SVUS Awards Ceremony was held on June 27th in San Francisco, CA and presented Darius Fisher with the Business Development Individual of the Year Award. Mr. Fisher said to PR Newswire (June 8th, 2016) he was honored to be PR World Award’s Gold Winner of the Year. He also stated in the press release that brand partnerships, building relationships and business development are important to creating a solid foundation for the Team and agency. Fisher’s leadership skills incorporate employees’ motivational incentives for reaching desired goals and performance. He drives the employees by holding monthly meetings to recognize them for their accomplishments and dedication to Status Labs.


Vanderbilt University graduate, Darius Fisher has nearly 10 combined years of experience in litigation, copywriting, political consultancy, digital technology, marketing and online reputation management industries. Fisher serves as head executive of Status Labs, a leading U.S. digital public relations, online reputation management and marketing firm. His goal is to further expand their services in national and international markets.


Fisher motivates his employees not only to expand services and products, but also to support education, charity and community causes. The growth of Status Labs is amazing, with offices in Texas, New York and Sao Paulo that serve more than 1,500 customers in over 30 international countries. Darius Fisher is an acclaimed writer and contributes content to online publications, including Huffington Post and Forbes. He is also featured in the New York Post, Observer, Daily Beast, and other publication companies.

How Will Fabletics Open Stores To Reach More Women?

Fabletics is now planning to open about 100 stores in North America because they know they can get to more customers if they have stores people can go into. The stores that people go into will help them look, touch and feel the Fabletics clothes they want, and the stores will help women who are not willing to subscribe online. The plan from Fabletics was reported by Racked, and it expands Kate Hudson’s vision for the company that includes helping working moms.

Kate Hudson might not be considered a working mother to many, but she has her children and a career to look after. She has to get to the gym shop, meet with people for her acting career, run her company and get back to her kids every day. The people who are snapping pictures of her often catch her in casual clothes made by her own line, and that is because she can wear them anywhere. She will be able to make the best impression, and she will show that it is very easy for a woman to get all that she needs done in one day.

Her Fabletics stores will cater to women who want to be able to try their clothes, and they can start learning to mix and match in the store where they find the clothes. Fabletics wants to give their customers a more personal experience, and the company wants to expand now while the athleisure trend is still so popular. Everyone who follow trends knows that Fabletics has started something serious.

The best part of what women do with Fabletics is that they simplify their lives. They wear basic clothes on, but they still look amazing. A woman who wants to be able to enjoy her daily routine should add some Fabletics clothes to it. That will help her be much more stylish, and it will help her get ready in the morning in seconds. She deserves to feel like she is the goddess that she is, but she cannot do that until she has worn something as simple and flattering as Fabletics tops, tights and accessories.

TOWN Residential Offers Customers the Highest of Quality Services in NYC

Finding an experienced real estate agency in New York can be a challenge. New York City has one of the largest populations in the United States, and it is divided into five boroughs or neighborhoods, each with their own personality. TOWN real least specializes in luxury residential properties, which includes condos, townhomes, and single family homes.


The agency is well-known for its superior customer services, and they a team of agents that are experienced and knowledgeable of the city., and they are especially known as one of the top luxury firms. Town Residential focuses its services on their clients and their services include purchasing, property development, sales, and leasing.


 TOWN was founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger who has steadily increased the firm with outstanding real estate professionals. Unique services are required for luxury homeowners, and Heiberger has created a team that excels in customer services, offering spectacular amenities.


 TOWN Residential provides informative guides for buyers and sellers. These guides offer their customers assistance concerning listing prices on their house as well as what to expect at a suitable price for purchase. TOWN also provides a guide for clients who are looking to purchase property, which helps them navigate around NYC while getting to know more about the market and its fluctuations.


These two booklets are designed to assist the customers in independently finding treasures in the market along with the guidance TOWN. They are extremely useful in the marketing process, and is making your house more presentable for sale and how to officiate an effective method of advertising for your property at a new location.


TOWN Residential also handles rental and leasing properties in NYC, and they have excellent team members who explicitly handle these properties. They will walk you through the process, leading you to the areas of town you prefer as well as finding the exact luxury property that suits your budget. The TOWN website,, shows amazing photographs of available properties along with an introduction to the impressive team of associates who call TOWN their home.


TOWN Residential professionals know and love NYC and customer service is their highest priority; they won’t quit until you are completely satisfied. “My Town. Our Neighborhood. Your Home” has been their motto for over six years, and it will continue to lead their clients to a fantastic future.

Interesting Facts about Town Residential You Should Know

Finding the right real estate agents in New York is of particular importance. One may end up finding a hidden gem for a great bargain. One such real estate agency in New York is Town Residential. The company has been in the New York real estate landscape for quite a while now. They have helped many people find their dream homes.

History of Town Residential

The company has not had decades to build its name. In fact, the company was founded in 2010. However, the small leadership team behind the company has turned it into one of the most reputable real estate firms in New York. The company has a major emphasis on the quality of its employees. As a result, most people who work here can give their all to the success of the company. The leadership team comprises of people with vast experience in New York real estate. It is what has allowed them to build one of the best luxury real estate companies in the city.

What Sets Town Residential Apart

The leadership team has played a major role in the success of the company. However, specializing in the luxury market has also been a major part of their success. The company puts all its efforts into only finding the best for its clients. The company deals with the sale and leasing of residential apartments. Also, it deals with the marketing, sale, and leasing of commercial and retail properties. However, they always maintain their uncompromising principles. Thus, any property one gets from Town Residential is usually high-end.

The Leadership Team Behind Town Residential

The executive team behind any company is important. For one to understand how awesome Town Residential is, they need to learn about the quality of the top leadership behind it.

Andrew Heiberger

Mr. Heiberger is one of the most successful people in the New York real estate landscape. He has founded some successful real estate companies in his life. For instance, has been the CEO of Citi Habitat and Buttonwood Development, both of which are Manhattan-based real estate firms. Currently, he is the CEO of Town Residential. He is also an attorney, and he serves on the New York Real Estate Board. He has earned numerous accolades for being successful at such a young age.

Jacqueline Pestana
She is part of the top leadership at Town Residential. She serves in the position of Chief Operating Officer. She has over fifteen years of experience in New York Real Estate. Her experience has made her an important part of the driving force behind the success of Town Residential. She has a background in accounting. Her first entry into the real estate industry was with Citi Habitat. She has a reputation for being able to handle any situation in a professional manner.


Building a successful company like Town Residential has not been without its share of challenges. However, the experience and commitment to quality are what has kept the company going.