Desiree Perez of Tidal

Who is Des Perez?

Tidal ( is a music streaming service that can be used on all systems. Apple devices, PC and Android systems are all compatible with the Tidal service. Tidal customizes playlists for you to discover new artists. They have music recommendations that the Tidal editorial team make for you to check out. The team additionally writes articles about featured musicians and artists so you can learn more about the music makers you like. Tidal has a song search option where it can listen to any songs that are playing around you and tell you what the song is. The Tidal service is completely ad free. The entire music streaming experience is made for enjoyers of music to get the best possible experience out of their music listening.

Tidal has recently went for an angle to release albums exclusively on their service. The co-founders Rihanna, Beyoncé, T.I. and Kanye West are a few of the singers and rappers who released their music exclusively on Tidal. The app is at it’s highest download point on iTunes store.

Since the prior executives of Tidal left people wonder who exactly is creating the five star artist plays? The answer is Desiree Perez, who is a close friend and business associate of Jay Z. Desiree Perez has had a strong past experiences with SC Enterprises and her husband OG Juan Perez runs the Roc Nation Sports.

Desiree Perez is a strong business woman who helped work out the Beyoncé Formation stadium tour and got Rihanna a deal with Samsung. She’s a member of the Hova Circle of Influence, which calls her husband, TyTy Smith, Chaka Pilgrim, Jay Brown and Jana Fleischman members. This group runs Roc Nation, many levels of management for label operations and publishing and are the force of strength within Tidal.

Tidal is in debt and has much rivalry with Apple Music and Spotify, but they are focusing on bringing the future of music listening to the service and have added live performances and the exclusive new released to help them gain an edge in the music streaming world. Jay Z has continued to demonstrate his passion for music and putting out a quality service to music listeners. By adding the connection with Desiree Perez into the Tidal business, Jay Z may have gotten the company at a point for it to grow stronger among music fans.