Contribute to NYC Shelters to Support at Risk Animals

New York attorney Ross Abelow needs your help. Abelow’s mission is to raise $5,000 to aid At-Risk vulnerable homeless animals in New York City. Some vulnerable animals are at risk of freezing to death in particular when temperatures drop during the winter. These animals have nowhere to go to keep warm, get food or to receive needed medical help. Abelow started a GoFundMe campaign January 13, 2016 to help aid distressed animals in need and the shelters that look after these abandoned animals.

The contributions raised for the GoFundMe campaign go directly to New York City Shelters to buy blankets, provide food, locate additional shelter, purchase medical supplies and provide medical assistance. Plenty of shelters lack funds or additional space to take in additional homeless animals. The donation collected can help New York City shelters support and located dedicated families to help care for these animals in need.

Abelow is dedicated to helping support distressed animals in New York City. This cause is dear and near to Abelow’s heart. He envisioned helping as many distressed and lonely animals as he possible can.

Lover of animals and animal enthusiast can donate to this important fundraiser today. Your donations will help shelters relieve the stress and pain some homeless animals have experienced. Donations help keep homeless animals off the street, feed distressed animals and provide animals with much needed medical assistance.

New York attorney Abelow is a partner at Abelow & Cassandro LLP. He specializes in entertainment law, family law and commercial litigation.  Abelow has proven versatility and expertise in numerous fields when most attorneys focus on one field.

You are likely to find Abelow writing for legal blogs or contributing to his personal blog. Otherwise, he is actively seen on Mashable and Facebook.

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