Dick DeVos the Steward of Philanthropy

On the about us page of the Dick and Betsy DeVos family foundation, the couple pays tribute to the values inculcated in the family by the parents. Dick DeVos acknowledges the financial privilege he grew up with unlike many other boys of his time.


At the same time, he declared the foundation as an instrument of giving back to the society. In fact, the couple is so humble they consider themselves faithful stewards of a bigger course. The primary goal of the organization is to work with other community groups towards the development of communities. Read more about the organization at by visiting the foundation’s site.


The financial fortunes of the DeVos family are tied to the Amway corporation to which Richard DeVos Sr. was a co-founder. The enterprise utilizes sales networks to distribute health and cosmetic products. Over the years, it developed massive distribution chains and made vast fortunes.


Dick naturally joined the family business in 1974. He took his time to learn the ropes around the industry under the tutelage of his experienced father. Eventually, Dick became a vice-president at Amway and heralded the firm to unprecedented expansion and success in new markets. Sales tripled, and Dick got a reputation for being a shrewd entrepreneur. Around the same time, he founded a storage company named Windquest. For more information visit http://www.newnetherlandinstitute.org/history-and-heritage/dutch_americans/richard-dick-devos-jr/.


The Orlando Magic franchise came calling on Dick’s services in 1991 after being acquired by his family. By this time, he had won over all his critics and established massive public support through his philanthropic investments. Upon his father’s retirement, Dick took up the CEO’s role at Amway where he oversaw another restructuring phase aimed at global dominance.


Dick DeVos never intended to venture into politics. However, he sought political office to be in a better position to lobby for reforms in various interest areas. One of such areas is the education sector where a huge population could not afford quality schooling. Over the past three decades, the foundation has lobbies policy makers and government authorities to make education accessible to all. Dick managed to make progress as a member of the State Education Board in Michigan.


Elizabeth DeVos has also been influential in the education reform agenda. She has done most of the work and today she is proud to see the fruits of their labor.

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