A Brilliant Guide To The Human Social Secret You Have To Know

This is a brilliant guide to the one facet of human behavior that people tend to skim over by the experts at VTA Publications.

Who is VTA Publications

VTA Publications is a leading company in distance learning publications. They provide their clients with powerful cutting edge information in two ways. They provide it through a distance-learning engine as well as in physical form at events that they will book events of this kind.

They are grounded in the areas of finance and economy. They carefully choose the people and educators that teach the community they serve. They choose people who believe in what they are teaching and provide it in an easy to use format with plenty of live support.

So, what is the brilliant guide to this one human behavior?
According to the original article posted by VTA Publications it is the habit of criticism versus the art of community and cooperation. The article goes on to use a clever analogy of you, the critical one, being on the red team and the others being indifferent–still choosing which team they want to commit to. It goes on to point out that these people and their indifference is annoying and you want to get them on your side. But, instead of doing the common-sense thing we take action using common human nature and we criticize.

The Two Axioms that must be Accepted

Nobody does anything they don’t want to do and everyone sees themselves as superior to you in some way–it’s the ego. So, the point of the argument is this. Phrase things you want them to do in a way they want to do it. Also, Take a genuine interest in their lives to find out what they like to do.

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Why You Should Check Out Skout

Have You Ever Tried Making Friends Online?

Making friends in real life can be tough if you are not sure how to approach someone, especially if you are trying to make friends with someone of the opposite sex. Then, finding dates can be even tougher because there is a high level of anxiety built up around whether or not the person that you are attracted to will accept you as attractive. How do you approach someone that you know nothing about in the first place? Some people are good at it, but most of us are not good at approaching strangers. It is easier, however, if you already know something about that person. If you use Skout to meet people online before meeting them in person, then you will already have gotten to know something about the person you are meeting before you speak to them for the first time.

News About Skout

Skout was just mentioned in an article from Adweek that discusses all the best new features that this platform has to offer its users. Users can use fun features like Wink Bomb to get a lot of positive attention on the Skout platform. The Skout community is very open and receptive to speaking with new members. When you first sign up for Skout, you will likely hear from members in your area on the first day. People like to welcome other individuals to the Skout community. Skout is a great place to meet people for romantic purposes and for friendship.

See what everyone is talking about. Skout is one of the most innovative and fun ways to meet people online. Those online relationships can often turn into something more than an online friendship if that is what both users want to pursue.  If you would like more information, take a look at this article about Skout from Adweek.

Learn more about Skout: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/laura-dunn/women-in-business-portia_b_7168318.html

You Can Beat the Odds

Everybody wants to succeed, as VTA Publications writes in one of their latest articles. Thus, the question should be the odds that might prevent you from reaching your goals. You can read through this article to find out the odds of you making it and reaching your goals. You can recall winter Olympics help in Lake Placid in 1980. The famous gold medal win of the USA ice hockey team overcame all the odds and made it. At that time, the Red Machine (Soviet hockey team) was a favorite because they always won and they were unbeatable. In 1980, things did not look any different. However, Team USA, with Herb Brooks as their coach approached the odd in an unconventional way. Brooks knew that they needed unity.

Therefore, he came up with a team of college kids he thought would form a cohesive unit. The kids had the ability to skate hard for more periods and be at par with the Russians. Some American commentators criticized him. However, the results were positive. Note that the young kids had odds against them but they still beat them. Brooks made a speech at the changing room. In other words, he made the young college kids to ignore the odds. That is exactly what you should do.

If you listen to all the odds in your life, and people who warn you about the odds then you will never get anywhere. Believe in the odds and realize that most people only put average efforts. Be prepared to do more than what most people do and choose to be a special person. Most people are negative thinkers and have low self-esteem, they are confused about financial matters and have no knowledge on that. They have lousy business ideas with bad location and bad products and services, they do not have patience and discipline and they never reinvest their profits.

VTA Publications was incorporated on 3rd December 2012. The three year old company has one active direct and no active secretary. Their next annual return of up to 31st December 2016 is due by January 2017. The last annual returns were made up on 31st December 2015.

Its last accounts were made up to 31st December 2014.  There is no report on turnover as well as employees. It has neither subsidiary company nor a parent company.  But they do have an online store for publications, and they’ve been reviewed in international publications like MoreMoneyReview.  Further information can be sought on the VTA Publications website.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Aim for Global Expansion

Video marketing is a premium way to get your product in front of the eyes and ears of countless individuals worldwide. That is why CEO Bob Reina and his company, Talk Fusion, have been on such a meteoric ascent in the industry since the company was founded back in 2007. Reina created Talk Fusion in order to bring brand appeal to customers straight into their inbox with video email marketing. Since their inception the company has moved out to over 140 countries worldwide while creating more video than many top tier companies in the world like Yahoo and AOL. Now Reina is trying to get his company more involved by opening up a Free Trial period.

The program will be available in 140 countries worldwide in a total of nine different languages. This is a risk free opportunity where people can sign up without even using a credit card in order to gain access to what Bob Reina and his company has cultivated for so many years. If you are doubting the effectiveness of what Talk Fusion has to offer, just listen to what Reina has to say: “There is absolutely no comparison in the world to the value that we bring.”

The fight to get footing in front of customers in the saturated world of marketing is always going to be tough. Right now the internet is a wild frontier and we don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. This means that companies who want to take the next step will have to try out products like what Talk Fusion is offering now.

Once registered for the Free Trial experience at Talk Fusion, users will be awarded access to various video newsletters, live meetings, and a specialized Video Chat. There is a virtual library of guides and how-to manuals in order to push your video marketing needs to the next level of success

Love in a Bag: Purina Beneful Dry Dog Foods

Purina has been making dog food for decades and they are leaders in the pet food industry. They employ veterinarians and researchers who are constantly looking for the healthiest and tastiest ingredients to incorporate into their Beneful and other excellent PurinaStore pet food varieties. Their employees are dedicated and feed their own dogs Beneful dog food everyday. Beneful is available on WalMart Stores in both dry (https://www.beneful.com/products/dry-dog-food/) and wet food and savory snacks, too. They know the best ingredients go into their food because they make it.
For example, their Beneful Healthy Puppy dry formula is a complete nutritionally balanced tasty blend of soft and crunchy morsels. It’s easy for puppies to chew with just the right amount of crunch for their growing strong teeth. It contains DHA and vegetables for development of puppy’s brain and vision. Its high quality chicken protein helps develop healthy muscles and energy for puppy’s everyday growth needs. The Beneful Dry Original Blend With Beef keeps your fully grown adult dog thriving and healthy. The beef flavor dogs love combined with just the right amount of vegetables and anti oxidants that come together in a yummy blend of soft and crunchy tenders. A Beneful Healthy Weight dry formula is available similar to the Original Blend but with high protein chicken to provide 10% less calories with all the nutrition.

Many dog owners love to reward their dogs with treats to show them extra love, but more importantly, for training purposes. Encouraging good behavior with treats is the best and fastest way to promote desired behaviors in a pet.

Beneful makes a full extensive line of dog food varieties and treats to meet all dogs needs and tastes while being 100% completely nutritionally balanced. They all contain all the nutrients a dog needs to grow healthy and strong while also providing dogs a tasty meal they’re sure to love.

These Aren’t the Glasses of Yesteryear

Remember when you were young and needed glasses? Surely, like me, you moved to contacts as soon as possible since the frames on offer were plain, boring, and sometimes hideous. However, you would be surprised to know that glasses are very in right now, and that those who have worn contacts for years are coming back on the spectacle bandwagon.

Don’t believe me? Look at this article in The Guardian about a former nerd who is now learning to embrace being bespectacled again. On catwalks everywhere, there are models wearing modern glasses in a plethora of styles and colors, all looking impossibly cool and hip. Apparently, sales of glasses has exploded in recent years, with several websites like Pinterest popping up that allow the average person to have glasses at a very reasonable price.

Luxottica, the world’s biggest eyewear company, saw an 18% increase in sales in 2014–need I say more? And there are many styles to choose from. Even cat eye glasses are in at the moment, plus round vintage style specs and those hearkening back to the 1980’s. Anything goes in our ultra modern world, and the styles of glasses even going back to the 1930’s have a place in our culture.

Justfab on instagram is a website that follows the latest trends and offers much for the consumer, including clothing, shoes, and accessories. For affordable styles you can’t really beat this site, since they cut out the middle man and get beautiful products to you at a reasonable price. Be sure to check out Justfab’s accessories section, and also their amazing selections of everything you could possibly need to be the most fashionable person around.

Dick DeVos the Steward of Philanthropy

On the about us page of the Dick and Betsy DeVos family foundation, the couple pays tribute to the values inculcated in the family by the parents. Dick DeVos acknowledges the financial privilege he grew up with unlike many other boys of his time.


At the same time, he declared the foundation as an instrument of giving back to the society. In fact, the couple is so humble they consider themselves faithful stewards of a bigger course. The primary goal of the organization is to work with other community groups towards the development of communities. Read more about the organization at by visiting the foundation’s site.


The financial fortunes of the DeVos family are tied to the Amway corporation to which Richard DeVos Sr. was a co-founder. The enterprise utilizes sales networks to distribute health and cosmetic products. Over the years, it developed massive distribution chains and made vast fortunes.


Dick naturally joined the family business in 1974. He took his time to learn the ropes around the industry under the tutelage of his experienced father. Eventually, Dick became a vice-president at Amway and heralded the firm to unprecedented expansion and success in new markets. Sales tripled, and Dick got a reputation for being a shrewd entrepreneur. Around the same time, he founded a storage company named Windquest. For more information visit http://www.newnetherlandinstitute.org/history-and-heritage/dutch_americans/richard-dick-devos-jr/.


The Orlando Magic franchise came calling on Dick’s services in 1991 after being acquired by his family. By this time, he had won over all his critics and established massive public support through his philanthropic investments. Upon his father’s retirement, Dick took up the CEO’s role at Amway where he oversaw another restructuring phase aimed at global dominance.


Dick DeVos never intended to venture into politics. However, he sought political office to be in a better position to lobby for reforms in various interest areas. One of such areas is the education sector where a huge population could not afford quality schooling. Over the past three decades, the foundation has lobbies policy makers and government authorities to make education accessible to all. Dick managed to make progress as a member of the State Education Board in Michigan.


Elizabeth DeVos has also been influential in the education reform agenda. She has done most of the work and today she is proud to see the fruits of their labor.


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Michael Zomber Is A Japanese Antique Expert

Japan has a rich and honorable culture. Many people around the world have been thrilled to learn about the many varied aspects of Japanese culture. The culture of Japan is one that extends back many centuries. Since the opening of Japan to westerners in the mid-eighteenth century, many people have studied it in great detail. One of the foremost experts on Japanese armor and Samurai swords is Michael Zomber. Zomber has long been considered an expert in this field that many people have turned to for help in figuring out how to add to an existing collection or start one of their own.

His History and His Passion

Zomber has long been a fan of this culture. To that end, he has spent many years visiting many areas of Japan and speaking with local experts about all aspects of Japanese Samurai culture. He has a passion for this subject for many reasons. Like so many others, he has come to admire the skilled craft that goes into the making of such objects. His passion was sparked even further as he began to research the history of this region in great detail and explore the impressive work of those who have taken ordinary metal and turned it into something extremely special.  This has led him to explore the subject in even greater depth as he continues to expand his understanding of the subject.

His Written Works

As part of his work in this field, he has not only chosen to help people discover if a sword they own is authentic, he has also taken his passion for the field to the world of ancient Japan to the modern world with his writings.  It also includes a published historical novel about this period in time. His many fans have found his history fiction lively and engaging as well as full of wonderful details. He has helped many people learn even more about this fascinating period of time when this unique culture was in full bloom. Since then, he has continued to write about this period and continued to help fans learn even more about this particular culture and how it has continued to develop to the present day.  You can find all of Michael’s books on Amazon.  Other than that, be sure to follow Mr. Zomber on Facebook.

Slyce Launching New Product Partnership

Slyce is one of the major players in the world of image recognition. Image recognition is basically a search engine service, but instead of typing in a host of keywords in order to find a link, image or video, a single image is used to identify the desired topic and item. The visual search field is then able to compare the single image to hundreds of thousands of different products it has in its databanks before coming back with the accurate option. With Slyce, it works with retailers in order to provide customers with the very best product search resorts possible. To do this, it needs to have partners with a host of different companies and stores. So, every new company that comes into the fold is a major addition for Slyce. That is what makes the recent partnership of Shoe Carnival so important.

The company has retail outlets all around the United States while it also has a major outlet online as well. The partnership is good both for Slyce and for Shoe Carnival as it makes it easier for customers to find shoes at the company’s website. This is one of the largest companies Slyce has brought in, although it does work with Home Depot, Neiman Marcus and a host of other companies.

So how exactly does this technology work? A user is able to take their smartphone and snap a picture of a product (in this case, a shoe). Once the individual takes the picture, maybe from someone wearing the shoe, maybe from an add in a magazine or really anywhere else they see the shoe, and then upload it to the application (which is free, of course). It then directly scans the image and compares it to the host of products it has stored in the databanks. Now, it doesn’t matter what sort of angle it is. While it is better to have a side angle of the shoe, there can be different angles because Slyce has 3D mappings of all products, which makes it that much easier to identify the correct shoe. Once the correct shoe is identified, Slyce shows off the show and where it can be purchased.