Kyle Bass Coalition For Affordable Drugs Challenging Multiple Patents

Kyle Bass Coalition for Affordable Drugs apparently has been challenging multiple patents. In that bass has been challenging the validity of drugs some of which are manufactured by one company. Any of these challenges by bass association appealed to the United States Patent and Trade Mark Office have been ignored as not valid. Bass says that he wants to help the society by discoursing under dose and overpriced drugs which in return will yield positive returns for his business. Many of the pleas by bass association since 2015 have been discouraged by Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). 59 % of them are not legit while only 9 of the pleas were passed. As a result, many patents and pharmaceutical companies’ sales have great reduced affecting the life in the industry.

Kyle held Appeals for Biogen Inc. on the multiple sclerosis drugs Tecfidera dimethyl fumerate challenging the dosage, price and validity of the drug in the market. He has also challenged a number of pharm companies including Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Acorda Therapeutics and Celgene Corporation. His challenges apparently are a strategy that is wiping out the activity of the pharms in the market and inducing great losses. Bass pleas started with his organization in 2015, and he has been up to no good with the patents. Apparently many of his pleas are wrong despite the effect being destroying the market stability of patents and the drug.

Acorda recorded 10% decrease in sales over the year 2015; Bass despite his presence to be concerned about the consumer satisfaction has been a destructive person for the pharms. Bass is the founder of Hayman Capital a hedge fund that was very famous there before when he made a right prediction about the decreased value of the subprime mortgage. Since then the firm has been experiencing his losses especially relate to his regular interviews in the media where most of his predictions never come true. Hayman capitals greatest loss was in 2012 with a depression of 22%; Bass is the propagator of this loss because he allows himself to be part of media interviews that end up wrong.

UsefulStooges were first to report Kyle Bass is also said to have had a thing with the former Argentina President Kristina Fernandez because he continuously supported her policies despite the policies leading to the $95 billion in debt for Argentina. Later he supports her not to pay the creditors their dues after which the aftermath was Argentina losing its position in the European global market. The country is yet to recover from the credit, Bass opinions and associations with people with such unethical behaviors make it obvious that his pleas are only meant to destroy the lives of pharms not to help the users of the drugs.

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