The Network Solutions Provider, Coriant and Its CEO

Coriant is a networking solutions company that focuses on cloud-enabled business. It was launched in March 2013, two months before it separated itself from Nokia Siemens Networks. The company has provided network solutions to network operators through its SDN-enabled portfolio. This enables network operators to function as they would wish.

Coriant is spread out in over 100 countries offering network solutions to content providers, government agencies, financial institutions and fixed line providers. The Company boasts of having a highly skilled team of professionals who provide the network solutions. These network solutions offered by Coriant are network management tools and Software Defined Networking capabilities.

The network solutions provided by Coriant are usually delivered in the highest possible standards. It offers after sales services to its clients through technical support and installation. In case of any new innovations with regards to software development, Coriant ensures that its entire client base is regularly updated and informed. Coriant in an effort to promote and diversify a region’s networking requirements, has opened up Customer Training Centers in Finland, Mexico and China among other countries.

If one is seeking of ways to start off their careers well, Coriant always has career opportunities. It seeks to have talented and like-minded individuals to join them as they navigate the world of optical networks. In case there are no job openings, Coriant has a speculative online application program where one can submit their application as they await a job opportunity to arise. Coriant is driven by various principles and values that enables it to provide quality service to all of its clients. Integrity, customer first and trustworthiness are what Coriant never departs from when offering its services.

Shaygan Kheradpir is the Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman of Coriant. He holds a Ph.D., masters and bachelor’s degree from Cornell University. Kheradpir started his career journey at GTE Corporation and Verizon, while at Verizon he introduced FIOS. He also had the opportunity to work at Jupiter Networks, while there he innovated an Integrated Operating Plan.

The fact that while working at the various prior to Coriant, Shaygan was able to introduce new projects and innovative technology means that he will most probably lead Coriant in developing better and better network solutions. Shaygan, has patented various innovations in the telecom and media industry and serves on the advisory board of U.S National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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