Experience Impressive Talk Fusion Video Services

Talk Fusion was established in 2004 after Bob Reina found an issue with the limitations of modern technology. At the time, video email was not available, so Bob Reina tagged with a friend in Information Technology, and they started what is now the successful video communications business, Talk Fusion. The original idea has developed far past simple video email, so the company now provides an array of services.

Video Chat
CONNECT is the Talk Fusion video chat platform that allows people with webcams and internet service to access visual communications through a browser rather than apps, downloads or other software. The quality is said to be remarkable with little to no delays. After just one click, a person can connect with up to four contacts in one chat.

Live Meetings
Host live conference presentations among contacts. The design studio lets users create demonstrations immediately within the software. A group of people can meet without the expensive costs of travel.

Video Email
Using pre-made templates or your own design, decorative video postcards can be sent via email. More professional approaches can be taken to use this as a marketing tool or seek an audience response. The mobile app, Fusion on the Go helps create these immersive experiences from any location.

Video Newsletter
These fascinating bulletins develop news content that viewers can appreciate and enjoy while giving them a way to become a part of the action.

Other services include lead capturing and community blogs.

History of the Founder
Before beginning the Talk Fusion project, Bob Reina was a police officer who graduated at the top of the academy. Based on his leadership skills of today, some might say he was a natural-born innovator. When not leading Talk Fusion down a path of technological advancement, he is contributing to conservation efforts and civic works. His more than 20 years of experience in supporting marketing relationships has earned him a reputation as an all around pioneer in the industry.

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