Chris Burch Sees Nihi Sumba Island Come to Life

Chris Burch Develops Nihiwatu

Sumba is a small tropical island in Indonesia. Chris Burch was introduced to Nihiwatu thru Claude and Petra Graves in 2012. In 2016, Nihi Sumba Island, known for its distinct “mortar stone” was being traveled by people all over the world as one of the 50 greatest hotels to visit.

How did Nihiwatu come about?

Chris Burch met with Claude Graves who had already been deeply touched by Nihiwatu and wanted to expand the beach front into a resort.  When they communicated their idea to Chris Burch and asked if he would be willing to join them to expand the are into resort Chris Burch immediately contacted his longtime friend James McBride, hotelier, and invited him to come on board for the project.

Around the same time that the Graves spoke to Chris Burch about the property, Chris took a trip to Sumba with his three sons. The Graves had first contemplated the project back in 1988, the project sped forward once Chris Burch, and James McBride invested $30M into the project and quickly started developing the property.

“Sandalwood Island” or Sumba is 4000 Square miles and about 600K residents. The Portuguese discovered it in the 16th century. The Sumba culture has been sheltered from many Western influences because it was not a heavily traveled vacation spot. Sumba has little natural resources.

Chris Burch and Burch Creative Capital

Chris Burch is a 40-year veteran of investing and entrepreneurship. During that time he has helped 50 companies on the path to disrupting the market by introducing brands that offer new services that bring creative solutions to problems that face people today (  Chris Burch expresses the reason for Burch Creative Capital is to “bring extraordinary possibilities to the world.” Ed by Ellen DeGeneres, Nihi, TRADEMARK, and Cocoon9 are four of the latest additions to the “extraordinary possibilities” offered by Burch Creative Capital.  Learn more about Burch, visit Youtube.


The Real Real And Beauty

For those of you that do not know who or what The Real Real is let me catch you up! The Real Real is a luxury consignment shop that operates online and in brick and mortar locations through out the United states. This amazing company was started right in the home of the CEO Julie Wainwright. This luxury consignment store offers clothes, shoes,handbags, watches, accessories, home decor, and furniture. Everything is top of the line name brand luxury items. So now that you know who they are let’s discuss the new idea they are offering. The Real Real is now offering beauty products in certain locations and on their online store. The Chief merchant of The Real Real says, ” The goal is to really complete the customer journey.” So with that being said it only makes sense that since they offer all other assortments why not finish it off with beauty products. That was a really good call for the luxury consignment store who says, “We want our customers to view us as a trusted destination to find the most covetable selection of luxury products across all categories from luxury to beauty.” You can bet the customers really feel this way! The idea is in the small start off stage but the company plans to move forward and invest even more in the month ahead. Even though the company is consignment with gently used items the beauty products are not. They are the new and the real deal. Keeping inline with the luxury theme the beauty products are of luxury lines as well such as Pai Skincare, Baboo Botanical, Uma Oils, Gap Beauty, and many more. There is no middle man they deal with. They are getting the products straight from the maker themselves. The CEO says, “We are getting beauty and home brands that want to sell new product in our store.” So what are you waiting for? Get out there and take advantage of what The Real Real is offering!

Igor Cornelsen Works With The Facts To Earn His Living

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investor with a keen eye for discovering trends and opportunities before they come about. He does his best to not be distracted by other analysts or professors, because he has always found that facts are much better than relying on the opinion of others. One of his favorite web services in Reuters, and he loves the website because the news is simply reported there without bias or opinion. During 2007, he found himself in a situation where he chose to close all of his positions in commodities that he was short. Instead of selling his shares, which were sitting at a high value, he chose to not do this, and he now does the exact opposite.

When asked if there was something that he finds true that no one agrees with him about, Igor Cornelsen commented that he is not aware of anything like this that nobody agrees with him about. He has found that there is always one individual who thinks the same way as himself. He did reveal that there was one time when, despite what everyone else was saying, he was sure that the Euro would hang around until another international currency replaced it. He was correct, and while everyone was touting their surety that the Euro would disappear, he remained firm in his belief that it would not.

Igor Cornelson earned his college degree while studying at the Federal University of Parana where he earned a degree in Economics. He also studied engineering at the university in the beginning but decided to change his major two years into his studies. When he graduated in 1970, he went to work with an investment bank where his calculation skills related to compound interest came in quite handy. He moved on after some time, after earning a solid reputation, and ended up working in Rio as an investment banker. It wasn’t long before he worked his way up through the ranks at Multibanco where he became part of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer. To this day, he continues to earn a healthy profit through the decisions he makes.

Info on Equities First Holdings within Australia

A bit of detail on Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings happens to be a a provider of alternative shareholder financing. This is a fairly useful company for those who are within the business or are planning on getting in big business. Requiring a good shareholder is ideal to help keep better track of money and help better maintain a financial situation. This company is stated to have completed a transaction with Environmental Clean Technologies Limited for funding reasons. This company has become a widespread within India and Australia within 2016. Though it was fairly recent, this company still manages to uphold its business and satisfy many customers.

The funding that was used was meant to help support projects that was going on with India, which indeed raised around $30 million dollars over time. This truly ensues the clients that they are in proper hands with this company, it has been within business for over a decade and promises to guide the clients through the process when it comes to financial management. As stated this company is located with Australia along with India and a number of other countries. A truly good opportunity to take part of when I business.


Robert Ivy Leads Architects; Receives Coveted Award

His peers know that Robert Ivy is a highly talented architect. Now the Mississippi Institute of Arts has decided that it is time the man is given a rare award. Robert Ivy has been honored with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, following his work to demystify architecture and make it accessible by a broader spectrum of clients interested in putting up well-planned structures; from residential to commercial enterprises. The Noel Polk Award is a rare and highly prestigious honor that is usually given to highly talented Artists and patrons connected to Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.

The First Architect

The Noel Polk Award has never before been given to an architect. Robert Ivy happens to be the maiden architect to have ever received the prestigious accolade. It is an award that has only gone to a few other highly acclaimed artists Some of the people in the hall of fame that Robert Ivy has just joined include Morgan Freeman, who is an actor, Shelby Foote, who is a prolific writer, singer Leonyte Price, Walter Anderson and Eudora Welty; being a mix of writers and musical artists.

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Robert Ivy; His Reputation, Performance, and Legacy

Mr. Carl Elefante is the president of AIA. He points out that the architectural fraternity is impressed with the Award, given to one of their own who they believe has been a true leader and professional. Robert Ivy, has written books, he has also edited the journal produced by the architects and has delivered mind-blowing architectural plans that have impressed his clients and the public over the years. Mr. Elephante says that the architectural fraternity in the US and beyond joins in the celebrations of the award because they know that by honoring Robert Ivy, they, too, have been honored. He observes that the Noel Polk Award is indeed a rare honor. CEO Robert Ivy has also collected numerous other accolades before the latest one. He was designated as the Master Architect by the architectural fraternity called Alpha Rho Chi. He has, therefore, rubbed shoulders with who is who in the world of architectural business.


The institute was begun way back in 1857. The core objective of the American Institute of Architects is to provide useful architectural designs that secure peoples structures for today and tomorrow. It aims to help to establish secure, valuable buildings that can stand the test of time and tide. The organization has over 200 chapters spread out across the USA, Asia, and Europe. It has even recently opened the Canadian Chapter.

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Robert Ivy: Bringing Architecture to the World

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters is honoring Robert Ivy, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President, of American Institute of Architects (AIA), with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. Robert Ivy will become the first architect to receive this prestigious award. The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is designated for people who are connected to Mississippi and are active in the art community.

Ivy received praises by people in the architecture industry. The President of AIA, Carl Elefante, believes that Ivy is a worthy award recipient because not only is he a practicing architect, but he has also seen success as an author and editor. Nancy LaForge, MIAL President, believes Ivy deserves this award for a number of reasons; first, because he has effectively made architecture more easily accessible to the public; second, because he is a distinguished author and commentator.

This isn’t the first award that Robert Ivy has received. He was also awarded with the Master Architect award by the Alpha Rho Chi, a nationwide architecture fraternity. Additionally, he received the Dean’s Medal in 2017 from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture.

Ivy began his leadership role at AIA in 2011. One of his goals with AIA has been to create a culture that is proactive and influential; as well as to help raise public awareness about the value architects hold. His current efforts with AIA are to help prepare architects with the knowledge and resources they need to battle current issues like climate control, sustainability and how design can impact public health concerns. Since he became part of the leadership team, membership levels are higher than they have ever been.

Before Ivy began work at AIA, he worked at McGraw-Hill Construction as the Vice President and Editorial Director; he was also the Editor-in-Chief of a magazine called Architectural Record. Robert Ivy earned a Bachelor of Arts from Sewanee: The University of the South. He continued his education at Tulane University where he earned his Master of Architecture.

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Samuel Strauch In Real Estate

     Samuel Strauch is a graduate of Hofstra University in New York City where he perused business studies. He also studied at Erasmus University in Rotterdam then he completed his education in Harvard University United States. Samuel Strauch began his career in banking where he spent some time after he decided to start a real estate agency in 2002.

Strauch formed Matrix Real Estate Company which is located in south beach Florida. He is fully licensed as a real estate broker in both Latin America and South Florida. The company has earned solid reputation over the years due to the excellent services they have been offering to their clients. Strauch says he has a lot of passion in real estate and that is what drives him and the company forward.

Samuel Strauch says that to motivate his employees, he interviews them very keenly to know their passion so that he will know if the person fits the job role given to them. By this, he creates an atmosphere which suits every person and makes sure everyone is in the right place.

Strauch in an interview quoted that someone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything. He said if you have to be successful you must work hard, you make a mistake you learn from it, and that is how you will succeed with your passion. Samuel Strauch is also the founder of Affinity Real Estate.

Investment Tips to Learn From Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is the king of shopping malls in Brazil and he has successfully established the biggest shopping mall in the country. The Manaira Shopping Mall in Brazil has gained a lot of fame worldwide due to its unique set up as well as the vast number of people that go shopping there. At the shopping mall, there is a vast number of activities that take place that make it fun for you to go shopping at the latter. People interested in holding official conferences can also seek the services at the mall as they got spacious and quite rooms for serious business.

Roberto gained his entrepreneurial skills from the University Centre of Joao Pessoa, where he received his bachelor`s degree in Business Administration. He has always had a passion towards business since he was young, and he has luckily lived up to his dream. He started his career at Café Santa Rosa, which was a firm that majored in the manufacture and sale of products across the broader parts of the country. His passion towards being a business owner saw him quit his job to start up his now fully developed venture.

The Manaira shopping mall consists of close to 280 stores, which entail colleges, theatres, entertainment rooms as well beauty parlous. A lot of fun goes down at the shopping mall and it is one single place that gives you an opportunity to meet and socialize with new people from the broader parts of Brazil. Besides, it is also known to have the biggest hall in the country. The Domus hall is the center of attraction to many people, particularly those that seek to hold official meetings at the latter.

Santiago is a go-getter and does not turn back when it comes to implementing his goals. Despite achieving a major success with his Manaira Shopping Mall, he also went ahead to set up a smaller Manaira mall, which has also gained a lot of fame and a vast number of customers. His positive attitude has been associated with his major successes and a vast number of individuals have strived to emulate him.

Besides being a hard worker, Roberto is also innovative and likes to share ideas that are unique and not similar to others. He has also strived to help other entrepreneurs develop their firms through his passion to share his expertise on the best strategies they can employ to achieve success. Through his many investments, he has created job opportunities for the people of Brazil and as a result, helped many people strive through the hard economic times in the country. His dedication towards his work has seen Manaira shopping mall gain many customers and he looks forward to serving them better in the coming years.


The Career Life Of Alexandre Gama

There is no straight path to success. We have to fight on our own terms and conditions to get to where we want to be at any time of our life. Success is not something that we acquire overnight. It requires great strategies and a plan. Patience to grow is also an indispensable virtue in the process. Hard work and commitment is mandatory.

Alexandre Gama understands all these facts. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Neogama Company. One attribute we know about the company is its ability to grow fast. Within ten years of its existence, it was competing with the veterans in the industry.

Alexandre Gama began as an employee at Standard Ogilvy & Mather, after completing his studies. He used this as a chance to grow his experience. After eight years in the company, he moved to DM9, where he continued with the same role of a copywriter and creative writer. Later, he decided to raise his bar and began the Neogama Company.

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Sahm Adrangi Issues Report

When looking to invest in the stock market, taking the necessary steps to protect your investment is very important. For those that are looking to improve their diligence and protect their assets, one individual to take financial and investment advice from is Sahm Adrangi, who is currently the head of Kerrisdale Capital.

Sahm Adrangi will frequently provide insight into stocks that appear to be overvalued or company investments that do not seem right. Over the past few months, he has issued a report on Eastman Kodak, which is best known for being the creator of the Kodak line of cameras. This company has historically been considered a stable company and has not seen too much volatility in the stock price. However, in 2017 the company saw a big pop in the share price when they announced that they were going to release a new digital coin.

Similar to other companies that announced that they were going to have an Initial Coin Offering, the share price of Eastman Kodak increased substantially over a two-week period. While Sahm Adrangi believes that there is potential for digital coins and currencies as a whole, he does not believe that this move necessarily made sense for Eastman Kodak and he believed that the share price was way too high.

One of the reasons why Adrangi believes that the share price was too high is that there may not be a real need for Kodak to even have a coin. Sam Adrangi does not necessarily think that Kodak is going to benefit from having a coin and the company that is creating the coin does not have the best reputation.

Overall, Sahm Adrangi believes that the share price of the stock of Eastman Kodak will decline once the hype behind the coin is over. This could lead to a drop in price that is below where Kodak was even before they released news about the coin. What is concerning is whether the company has invested heavily in the coin to the point where they could have wasted a lot of money that could have been invested in other areas.