MB2 Dental Provides A Way For Dentists To Get The Buying Power of A Corporate Dentist Office

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental and an active practitioner in dentistry. MB2 Dental is a company that allows dentists to consolidate their business practices and improve operating standards while maintaining a private practice. MB2 Dental can offer services for human resources, accounting, finance, credentialing, compliance, IT, billing, and collections. Additional services include marketing, recruiting, procurement, business development, and training.

Dr. Villanueva was tired of seeing all the corporate dentists enjoy the economies of scale and get discounted prices on supplies and services. So, he decided to start a company that could bring the two worlds together. Having experienced both kinds of dentistry business models, he knew there had to be a way to get corporate benefits while maintaining a private practice. Thus, MB2 was born and became a dentist-owned firm.

MB2 provides a way for dentists to get the buying power of a corporate dentist office. It also provides a way out from under the minutiae of paperwork and management. However, this does not impact the actual private dentist office. The individual dentist decides which services they want to use and which they are not willing to change. Everything is up to the dentists. They can decide which services they want to take advantage of and what they still want to handle themselves. Some dentists like taking care of part of the day-to-day processes and others just want to focus on the clinical portion of the business.

Additionally, the dentists can choose to partner together. This might be done because one dentist has a specialty service that another dentist could take advantage of. The two locations would determine how they run. The dentists would make joint decisions, based on whatever agreement they put together, and decide what MB2 services to take advantage of.

Dr. Villanueva is a determined dentist who tries to take a vacation and not take himself too seriously – his employees shoot each other with nerf guns in the office. His idea of building his business on the people in it and not the physical requirements is what drives him forward. He believes that the company is successful because it focuses on the individual dentists and allows them to express themselves in the manner they want. Building a business allowing dentists to work together was a dream that Dr. Villanueva was able to bring to fruition successfully.

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Touching Hearts With Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest has been known for many outstanding roles in the show entertainment industry, such as American idol, On Air with Ryan, Live with Kelly and Ryan,but the most unnoticed facet of his endeavors I admire is the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has been known to be a non-profit organization devoted to empowering our children through radio broadcast media and giving them behind the scenes insight. One of the first initiatives the Ryan Seacrest foundation has set in place is to build broad cast media centers. The centers are named Seacrest Studios. All of centers are built inside of children’s pediatric hospitals. Each patient gets to explore the fun creative dimensions of radio, new media and television.

The centers have been developed to empower and build confidence within the patients and families that are there for a longterm stay. In unique way each individual patient is given a chance to smile and laugh about there media engagements and accomplishments. The Ryan Seacrest foundation believes the privilage of having access to media experiences will create invigorating journeys that empower the optimistic thought process during treatment procedures.

The importance of reaching out the community around the centers is imperative. Getting students involved from journalism school gives the access to the opportunity of gaining broadcasting experience. Ryan’s noble decision to create these centers should be an example of how most successful people should invest in giving back to those less fortunate.

Being an iconic public figure can be challenging at times. Everyday isn’t the best when it comes to dealing with your innermost feelings. That’s why I commend Ryan Seacrest for basing his foundation around bringing true cheer to children who desperately need the encouragement. I understand Ryan’s radio broadcast and host entertainment positions are great achievements, but his foundation has become the highlight of another person’s life.

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Talos Energy Takes Risks

Talos Energy is focusing its efforts on offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Talos Energy feels that it is in a unique position to be successful due to its long history and experience along with using the most technologically advanced reprocessing techniques.

Tim Duncan, the chief executive of Talos Energy, was in talks to complete a merger with Stone Energy before Hurricane Harvey stalled the talks. It is not the first hurricane that has threatened to derail an oil drilling operation. In 2005 Hurricane Rita destroyed equipment off the coast of New Orleans, but Duncan stepped in to take over the drilling, and now it is pumping 16,000 barrels a day.

Duncan is now in charge of an operation that oversees $900 million in assets. While drilling in the Gulf of Mexico has traditionally been a risky business, Duncan sees the risk as worth the reward. Along with the normal risks that accompany drilling, Mexico is also a gamble because of its political situation. They do not offer the same security as waters under American control. Tim Duncan has a long history in the oil business. He grew up in an oil family, and he has leveraged that into a career running some of the biggest oil operations in the world. His shrewd business mind has already resulted in Talos Energy selling 80% of the oil on the futures market.

He knows there are safer bets in the oil business, and while Talos Energy’s rivals are drilling in the easier waters in the Permian shale, Duncan is looking for opportunities that will keep delivering for the next decade. In a partnership with U.K.-listed Premier Oil and Riverstone-backed Sierra Oil & Gas, Talos Energy has discovered a site that could yield up to 2,000,000 barrels of oil, and it could be up and running in the next 5 years.

Duncan sees opportunity in everything, and even after Hurricane Harvey, he knows that there is always something great up ahead.

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Matthew Fleeger And The Current State Of The Oil Industry

In the not too distant past, the oil industry in the United States was in the doldrums. It seemed as if the United States would be entirely dependent on foreign sources of oil for many years to come. However, advances in technology brought the United States to the forefront in world oil production. These technologies made it possible for oil companies such as Gulf Coast Western led by Matthew Fleeger to reach those hard to reach oil deposits. Horizontal drilling and fracking made the oil business boom again.

During the hard times, Matthew Fleeger was able to use his business expertise to keep Gulf Coast Western going, and he was able to keep his employees motivated. One of the ways that Gulf Coast Western was able to survive the hard times was that Mr. Fleeger worked on making the company more efficient. He was able to cut a lot of the overhead in the company without letting employees go in the process. Matthew Fleeger communicated his positive vision for the future with his employees at every opportunity. He let them know that he believed that the oil industry had the potential to start moving forward again.

Right now, the oil market is seeing a tremendous amount of volatility. Matthew Fleeger believes that for the foreseeable future, oil will continue to trade in the $55 to $75 per barrel price range. Oil prices go up and down frequently, and Matthew Fleeger has positioned Gulf Coast Western for this eventuality. The company is not seeking any truly high-risk ventures, and the company is staying efficient.

Matthew Fleeger is also looking for opportunities in the current market. He is seeking to find other companies that can join along with Gulf Coast Western in important business ventures. The company is positioned for maximum flexibility whatever the oil market conditions.

A Spotlight on Victoria Doramus’ Impressive Professional Life

Victoria Doramus is a renowned creative marketer and trends expert in Europe’s fashion, design, and lifestyle industry. Besides his career, Ms. Doramus spends her time and resources supporting charitable organizations.

How did she advance her career from a fresh graduate to the famous figure she is? We have shed light on his professional background to help you comprehend.Victoria Doramus is a self-made professional. Before starting her career, Victoria Doramus joined the University of Colorado, where she pursued an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She completed her studies in 2006.

After completing her studies, Mindshare, a New York-based media agency employed Victoria Doramus as its assistant media planner. She was in charge of producing branded marketing content, as well as managing the agency’s print media budget. She served the agency for one year.

In 2007, Ms.Victoria Doramus started working as a creative consultant at Stila Cosmetics, a beauty and fashion company based in the Greater Los Angeles Area. She collaborated with the company’s art director to develop creative campaign projects.

After serving Stila Cosmetics for one year, Ms. Doramus transferred her services to Creative Artists Agency (CAA). She helped the company to coordinate meetings, cultivate strong industry associations, as well as organize various networking events.

In 2011, she started working as a writer and research assistant at various organizations. She collaborated with other executive officers to write lifestyle articles, as well as publish various lifestyle journals.

In 2014, Peter Berg, a film director based in New York City appointed Ms. Doramus as his assistant. She helped Berg to develop strong relationships with various contractors, as well as manage his properties based in New York.

At present, Ms. Doramus is a philanthropist who supports The Amy Winehouse Foundation, Room to Read, and Best Friends Animal Society. Moreover, she supports the Women’s Prison Association, and other charity organizations operating in the United Kingdom. Her primary focus is to assist young people to escape addiction from alcohol and drugs.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation is named after the late Amy Winehouse, a British pop star who died from addiction to drugs. The foundation is dedicated to educating the youth on the problems of addiction. Victoria’s contribution to the foundation has helped many young people avoid and overcome addiction.

Isabel dos Santos Empowering Women Throughout The World

Isabel dos Santos is one of the richest women in Africa. She is the daughter of the former President of Angolas. She has worked hard to develop her wealth. She wants women to know that if you work hard you can achieve anything you want, and you too can become very wealthy in life. It is said that a lot of her wealth came from her family and her husband’s family being wealthy, but she has also worked hard to add to that wealth.


Isabel dos Santos had a net worth of three billion dollars in 2013. She quickly became Africa’s first billionaire woman. She got a lot of her money by taking stakes in growing companies in Angola. She wanted to make sure she picked the best companies to gain stakes with because the more successful the business the more successful she would become. In 2015 she was named in the top 100 most influential woman in the world. This is because she is always trying to influence woman to do their best and work hard to become successful. (yaapd)


When Isabel dos Santos was young she attended an all girls boarding school. As she grew she completed her studies, and then held management positions in multiple different companies for over twenty years. She had many different interests in things like telecommunications, retail, media, finance, and many other things. Isabel dos Santos wants women to know that she is here to help in the way of influencing women to do what they want to become successful.


Isabel dos Santos has worked hard and studied hard to become successful. Even though she came from a pretty wealthy family, and then also married into a pretty wealthy family, she has continued to work to grow her wealth to even higher standards. She has looked into the stakes and carefully decided which ones would be best for her to grow her wealth. Any woman, or man, can be successful and wealthy. It just takes hard work and good choices.


Jacob Gottlieb Is Transforming Healthcare Investment Using Altium Capital

The industry of healthcare investment is undergoing tremendous changes. Jacob Gottlieb, known as the titan in healthcare investing has added Altium Capital to his repertoire of investment ventures

Altium is not the first investment company funded by Jacob Gottlieb. He was also a founder of Visium Asset Management, which was a hedge fund giant up to 2016 but was forced to wind down following an insider trading scandal. He was also one of the founders of Balyasny Asset Management where he was popular for having the largest portfolio gains. Jacob Gottlieb holds an MD and a BA in Economics. He is also a Chartered Financial Analysts. Jacob Gottlieb experience in investment has fine-tuned his skills and instincts for the opportunities that the healthcare industry presents

Altium Capital is an investment fund whose focus is to invest in the opportunities that arise in the healthcare industry in New York City. Jacob Gottlieb is investing in companies that are committed to offering meaningful healthcare services. Armarin corporation, Oragenics as well as Oramed Pharmaceuticals are among the companies that Altium Capital is investing in.

Oramed Pharmaceuticals is a company that is operated in Jerusalem and is the developer of the insulin capsule that could replace the insulin injection. It is a breakthrough in the medical industry that could even lower the costs of treatment. Led by Jacob Gottlieb, Altium took a 5.61% stake in this pharmaceutical company because of its potential to change the treatment of diabetes patients

Jacob Gottlieb interest in investing in Amarin is because it is a company that is committed to developing medicine for cardiovascular conditions from polyunsaturated fatty acids. So far, the company has developed an omega-3 prescription that has been found effective.

Oragenics is the other Altium investment, which is a company focused on therapy. Jacob Gottlieb chose t to invest in their company because it is developing technologies and antibiotics that can treat infections and conditions that affect the throat, esophagus as well as the oral cavity

Welcome to the World of Ryan Seacrest

If you’ve watched American Idol, the famous network E!, or even like to keep up with Hollywood and celebrity culture, you probably know of Ryan Seacrest. Ryan is famed for being an excellent host and interviewers of most stars that you see that walk across the red carpet. His fun, bubbly, and inviting personality makes it comfortable for all who is around him, therefore making the latest scoop to be more easily attained.

Ryan Seacrest is an accomplished entrepreneur, producer, host, and radio personality. You may know of his radio show, On Air with Ryan, or with Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Ryan, or you may see his name as one of the executive producers listed on some of your favorite shows. Seacrest has made a mark on the industry, becoming a household name and has created himself to be a respectable and powerful individual within the media and entertainment world.

Not only is Ryan Seacrest popular on screen, but he’s also dabbled into other industries off screen. Ryan has created his own men’s fashion line called Distinction. Distinction is a chic and lavish line for men to look their absolute sharpest. However to pull a good outfit together, a healthy and fresh face is also necessary. Ryan Seacrest has partnered up with Dr. Lancer, his own personal dermatologist, to create his own skincare line called Polished.

Ryan Seacrest also shows his philosophical side with his self titled foundation, Ryan Seacrest Foundation. With this foundation, Ryan has made it possible for ten broadcast media centers to be opened in pediatric hospitals around the country.

You can be sure to catch Ryan Seacrest hosting the iconic television singing audition show, American Idol, once more as it has returned. You may feel a sense of nostalgia seeing Ryan back on the screen as you have years ago, and now you can relive all of those memories once more.

From this source: https://www.forbes.com/profile/ryan-seacrest/

The Ideology Behind Guilherme Paulus’s Entrepreneurship Success

The concept of entrepreneurship is based on the idea of finding a gap in the market and fulfilling it for a profit. When talking about successful entrepreneurs in Brazil who have utilized the concept to become what they are today, Guilherme Paulus can’t miss in the list.

Guilherme Paulus is a hotelier and international entrepreneur who runs the Brazilian tour company called the CVC Brasil Operadora and the GJP Hotels and Resorts. These brand of hotels and resorts are situated throughout Brazil. He started his career when he joined IBM where he worked as an intern, the man now regarded as the most influential businessman in the country.

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The idea of starting the CVC Company was conceived by then the state deputy Carlos Vicente Cerchiari whom they met on a ship and expressed his interest in beginning a tourist agency in Santo André. Guilherme Paulus proposed to come in with work and him with the real investment. The idea was implemented by opening a store in a little street next to an exit of cinema where they operated as partners for four years before Paulus went his way. That marked the onset of his entrepreneurship journey and a take-off into something beyond his imagination.

Guilherme Paulus has a unique way of giving life his ideas; he starts by first putting it into action. For him, one will never realize whether something is a noble idea or not before you set it into practice, thus bringing ideas to life is a matter of faith. As an entrepreneur, he recommends that to make a dream a reality, passion counts a great deal. Work hard, take the clients needs, changes, and behavior keenly as many entrepreneurs end up not having the proximity to the periphery of their businesses.

Paulus considers technology as one of the exciting trends in life that attract his attention. The pace at which information is exchanged makes him understand the needs of his clients quickly and act even faster than before. Technology has also enhanced understanding and responding to market trends as required as it cuts the distance between change, information and action remarkably.

OSI Group McDonalds: Past, Present, and Hints of Future

OSI Group McDonalds started out as Otto and Sons, a small company of German meat distributors within the Chicago metropolitan area. They started coincidentally near the same time as Ray Kroc did when the first McDonald’s corporation was created, and “the rest is history” as they say. But in 1975 the growth became so exponential that it actually became bad for business to hold on to the mom-and-pop-shop sounding name, and so they renamed themselves to OSI Group.

Armed with such a professional name to match such a professional organization, OSI Group McDonalds hired a new Chief Executive Officer by the name of Sheldon Lavin to help better facilitate the growth of the company in 1975. Sheldon helped Chief Operating Officer David McDonald , the man behind the curtains, to get this company going global. More about of OSI Group Mc Donalds at Forbes

David himself was just a local Iowan farmer boy himself who grew up on a farm with a passion for agricultural life so much that he attended Iowa State University to further his education of the field. It was because of this hard work and passion that he was able to continue the traditions and values of hard work instilled within the blood of Otto and Sons with OSI Group McDonalds.

Now currently, OSI Group McDonalds has a presence in over 17 countries globally and around 20,000 employees working between all 65 corporate locations. Their most recent expansion has been into the Asian markets, with the formation of OSI Asia in Taiwan. And in the recent past, they have expanded into Europe by the acquisition of the Creative Foods Group and Baho Group, from funds secured by successful American endeavors alongside McDonalds and other successful corporations.

The company has come a long way since the cornfield days of Iowa and the meat-packing company of German immigrants, and yet they have shown the world their true colors in a show of continued family-first business moves. For more information on OSI Group McDonalds, visit their website at http://www.osigroup.com/